Mixing and Mastering for $250

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Mixing and Mastering for $250

In order to deliver a high audio quality mix I would need you suggest an example of a commercially released track you feel your song would compete with. This is would be a great help for me to get an idea of the sort sound you may be looking for in the final mix.

I will provide 2 edit revisions of the mix per each track. Further revisions are possible but we would need to be paid for my time.

The youtube example below is a song I co-wrote with a friend. I played all instruments and production.

My mixing and mastering service will include;
1. Minimise any sibilance, and plosives present in the lead vocal.
2. Tune the lead vocal
3. Correct any timing issues found in the vocal and instruments.
4. Check for all phasing issues and correct when required.
5. Adjust levels and panning of instruments.
6. EQ and compress tracks when necessary
7. Use reverbs, delays and modulation effects to further add meaning to the message of the song when required.
8. Automation moves to create a more dynamic mix when required. This is done to further add meaning to the main message of the song.
9. Once the mix is approved I will then master the track.

I use the following software and hardware tools during my productions.
1. Fab Filter - Production suite plugins,
2. Universal Audio Digital - Production plugins,
3. Universal Audio - 6176 Channel Strip
4. Prosonus - Faderport 16 Production Controller
5. Izotope - Production suite plugins,
4. Waves - Production suite plugins
5. Ceremony - Melodyne
6. Re-amping of electric guitar parts when necessary using Yamaha 100HD
7. Kuassa - Amp Simulators
8. Sound Toys - Production suite plugins,
9. Sonarworks Sound ID Reference - Room calibration software
10. Spectrasonics - Omnisphere
11. Spectrasonics - Keyscape
12. IK Multimedia - Hammond B3 Organ
13. Native Instruments - Session Horns Pro
14. Native Instruments - Strummed Guitars
15. East West - Cloud Subscription

I run the latest version of Logic Pro X.
My near field monitors are Quested H108.

I also check my mixes using the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin to ensure the mixes translate well to other speaker systems.

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Latin
  • Pop-Rock
  • Soul
  • Jazz

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