Song Production for $1200

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Song Production for $1200

My name is Pat Lajoie and I am from Melbourne Australia.

I will compose and arrange all music parts for a full band as a backing track to your 5 minutes song. (If your song is longer we can negotiate the price). The music parts for the full band will include electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and keyboards / synth.

This service includes 2 revisions for each part. If more are required we can negotiate the cost)

1. What is your experience with music composition and audio production? Please include a brief summary of the most important projects you’ve been involved with.

Answer Q1
The links below will give you an idea of my recent songwriting, arranging, studio performance and production services.

Original Adult Contemporary Pop (I co-wrote, arranged, performed all guitars, keys, bass and drums)
Go Tell It to the Preacher -
The Getaway Man -
Soul Wish -

Original music written for Music Libraries

Contemporary Jazz Style

My audio production service includes;
1. Minimise any sibilance, and plosives present in the lead vocal.

2. Tune the lead vocal

3. Correct any timing issues found in the vocal and instruments.

4. Check for all phasing issues and correct when required.

5. Adjust levels and panning of instruments. 

6. EQ and compress tracks when necessary

7. Use reverbs, delays and modulation effects to further add meaning to the message of the song when required.

8. Automation moves to create a more dynamic mix when required. This is done to further add meaning to the main message of the song.

9. Once the mix is approved I will then master the track.

  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Jazz
  • Neo soul

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