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I want to MIX & MASTER your song! If you recorded your tracks at home, with a laptop, or in a professional studio, and now want to have it mixed and mastered to a professional level, I want to give you that.

Using premium software from brands like SLATE DIGITAL, PLUGIN ALLIANCE, WAVES, ACUSTICA AUDIO, EASTWEST and much more.

I'll do LIGHT editing and sample layering included to get the best out ou your track!

I have more than 17 years of experience in the music business, working mainly with live audio and, since 2017, I started migrating to the studio environment, where I can help artists from all over the world to achieve their dream of having a professional record being put out to the public.

-I work mainly in the following genres: pop, alternative, folk, rock/metal, blues, soul, R&B and gospel. If your track fits something else, feel free to DM me so we can discuss if I'm in deed the best person for the job of making your song sound great!;
-No tracks limit;
-Send me the files you want to be in the song (any post production, such as multiple takes selection and deep editing will have to be agreed after contact, with possible additional fees);
-You get up to TWO REVISIONS, giving you the chance to recall if you don't end up happy with the finished result, and on top of that, I GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY BACK if you're not satisfied after the 2 revisions;

MY PORTIFOLIO: https://soundcloud.com/mytchelcosta

Where Were You

Listen to Where Were You?, the hard punching rock track by One Less Reason, in my mix version. The Multitracks of this song were kindly provided by Slate Digital and CLA. I do not own any rights to the audio and images attached.
  • Where Were You

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