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Backing Tracks for $280


My name is Pat Lajoie and I am from Melbourne Australia.

As a producer, I am often contracted to create backing for clients in the contemporary jazz genre but am very familiar with other styles like Rock, Blues, Funk and Soul.

I am a very experienced musician and music producer, who also holds a "Master Certificate in Songwriting" and "Professional Certificate in General Music Studies" from Berklee College of Music , Online School.

I play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and sing.

I will provide 2 edit revisions of the backing track. (Further revisions are possible if you wish to carry out edits after you have given notice of acceptance, but it may incur a small fee).

For your information, I have added below examples of a Funky instrumental track called Burnin' and an original song I co-wrote with a friend, called The Getaway Man, which I played all instruments and did the production.

I use the following software and hardware tools during my productions.
1. Fab Filter - Production suite plugins,
2. Universal Audio Digital - Production plugins,
3. Universal Audio - 6176 Channel Strip
4. Prosonus - Faderport 16 Production Controller
5. Izotope - Production suite plugins,
4. Waves - Production suite plugins
5. Ceremony - Melodyne
6. Re-amping of electric guitar parts when necessary using Yamaha 100HD
7. Kuassa - Amp Simulators
8. Sound Toys - Production suite plugins,
9. Sonarworks Sound ID Reference - Room calibration software
10. Spectrasonics - Omnisphere
11. Spectrasonics - Keyscape
12. IK Multimedia - Hammond B3 Organ
13. Native Instruments - Session Horns Pro
14. Native Instruments - Strummed Guitars
15. East West - Cloud Subscription

I run the latest version of Logic Pro X.
My near field monitors are Quested H108.

Covers of Various Artists - All tracks created by Pat Lajoie

Specialising in contemporary jazz, funk, soul and fusion styles.
  • Covers of Various Artists - All tracks created by Pat Lajoie

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