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Mix for $150

(Includes Vocal tuning)
I enjoy to be part of the artist dreams, and as person who take care of the minimal things I like to perform my acknowledge for mix purposes, so for that reason I guarantee that I'll put all my effort and excellence on your song
Let me take your recordings to the next level. Working on clarity, dynamics, depth, punch and warmness. Bringing your track to life.

Hi!!. My name is Bianfa. I'm a producer, session musician and mix engineer from Barranquilla (Shakira's born city) Colombia. Bianfa Labs is the name of my studio.
You can listen to some examples of my work in the "audio" section.

In my studio I have the best gear and software of the market. Everything that is necessary to make a creative and attractive mix with the audio quality you are looking for.

Plug Ins:
- Plug in Alliance
- Izotope
- Soundtoys
- Waves
- Universal Audio
- Valhalla
- Native instruments
- Arturia

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Latin

I mixed this song

Jesús - Isaac Palencia
  • I mixed this song
  • This is a mix I made for my YouTube Channel Openning

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