Punk/alt/heavy track/demo mixing for $60

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Punk/alt/heavy track/demo mixing for $60

In a punk/hardcore/heavy band? Got a track or demo you want mixing? I have extensive experience with heavy and alternative music, having solo produced several full albums and several more singles and EPs across the genre (see my Soundcloud portfolio) in the past few years. I particularly enjoy mixing noise-punk and anything nasty and scuzzy!

The equipment: I use a range of equipment to construct my mixes; Yamaha HS5, Focal Solo 6 and KRK Classic 5 monitors which I A/B between my AKG240 headphones. Within Logic I use a mix of SSL and Klanghelm plugins, alongside some of the Logic stock options. I also have reamping ability via either my Focusrite 18i20 (at home) or an Audient ASP8024 (at the studio), into a massive collection of guitar and bass amps (Orange, Mesa, Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, Roland and Peavey) and effects pedals (Earthquaker, EHX, Boss, Dr Scientist, TC Electronic, plus more), as well as a variety of Neve, WA and Smart Research outboard equipment.

The service: I will provide you with a primary mix (my turn-around depends on other work I have on, I use a 'first come first served' policy) for you to provide feedback and changes on, which I will then work in to a secondary mix. Any final changes can be requested by you (if applicable) and I'll then send you the final track in whatever format you require. Additional mixes after this will be charged extra, this can be discussed if necessary!

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