Professional Mixing & Mastering - Hip-Hop/R&B/Neo-Soul/Trap for $75

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Professional Mixing & Mastering - Hip-Hop/R&B/Neo-Soul/Trap for $75

Whether you need a demo or a full-length album done, I will work with you to guarantee your project is mixed and mastered at the highest standard!

- Fully sound treated environment
- Top-end analog gear and digital software
- Mastering included
- Sound design and instrumental production value (optional)

Already done your part as a creative and laid down a solid foundation for the next radio hit? Great! The next step is to get it mixed and mastered before it hits any streaming platforms. It's my job to take those ingredients and mix it into the sonic masterpiece that you deserve.

I work at a high-end recording studio in Austin with Seize the Means Productions. After 3 years of working as a professional I've decided to take my services online so that getting an industry quality sounding mix doesn't have to be gatekept. I believe it should be easily accessible and affordable for everyone; no matter how serious about making music you are.

  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • R&B
  • Neo soul
  • Pop
  • Electronic

'Say Less' by Caleb Lemons

Mixed + Mastered. Lyrics and Vocals by Caleb Lemons.
  • 'Say Less' by Caleb Lemons
  • 'Secret' by Caleb Lemons (Feat. Dayne Black)
  • 'Yayo' by NALDO GOMEZ (Feat. Adam Rayne)
  • 'Pimpin' by NALDO GOMEZ
  • 'Yeti' by NALDO GOMEZ (Feat. Adam Rayne)
  • 'Boy' by Lino Ward

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