Creative, musical and dynamic mixing to set your song apart for $130

In Mixing In Audio Editing By Tom Hackwell

Creative, musical and dynamic mixing to set your song apart for $130

I'm an experienced producer/mix engineer but I'm new to Airgigs, so I'm offering mixing at a much-reduced rate for a few jobs, to get myself settled on the platform.

I am experienced in mixing a wide range of music including but not limited to dream-pop, rock, soft rock, acoustic, pop-rock, folk.

I've worked on projects for the BBC, alongside production juggernauts like Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, RHCP) and with with a vast array of bands and artists as a producer/mix engineer. My mixes have been played on national including BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing and multiple others. They have also been hand-selected for Spotify official playlists amassing over 150k streams to date.

I have a diverse toolkit of high-end audio plugins, software and hardware, as well as top quality amplifiers, microphones, 1/4 inch tape machine, outboard equipment etc. for out-of-the-box mix options e.g. re-amping, external processing for optimum sound quality and the unique factor that is often difficult to achieve with an entirely in-the-box software mix.

As is largely industry-standard, I work primarily on Pro-Tools.

Get them excited: My mission as a mix engineer is to ensure each and every element/instrument in your song is sculpted to compliment the other elements within the song as it should, whilst providing maximum emotional impact, dynamicism, and excitement for your listeners. Combine this bespoke and considerate mix process with a solid promotional campaign and you give yourself the absolute best chance of exciting and growing your audience.

Lespectre - Obliquely Serenely

'Obliquely Serenely' by Lespectre. A dreamy, hazy whirlpool. I recorded, produced, mixed the track.
  • Lespectre - Obliquely Serenely
  • Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - The End of Love
  • Megazine - Motorbike
  • John E Vistic Rock 'n' Roll Soundsystem - Loutz

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