Mixing and master 1 track for $176

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Mixing and master 1 track for $176

I am an internationally acclaimed mixing and mastering engineer with over 300 rave reviews on jazz albums I have mixed and mastered (Including 3 Downbeat Magazine awarded "Masterpiece Albums" and a Jazzwise "Best Release" of the year). I can take your album to the next level. Want your album to have that "world-class sound"? I can help.

I specialise in jazz and related music (fusion, world music, prog and avant rock). I will bring over 20 years of experience and craft into making your album sound great. I know how tough it is out there for jazz artists financially, so I work with a sliding scale of fees depending on the nature and size project. Get in contact and let's talk about your project.

What my clients are saying:

“This is the place where some of the absolutely best sounding albums on MoonJune Records were master-baked. Thanks to the sound wizard at Heron Island Studio.” Leonardo Pavkovic CEO, (Downbeat award nominated) MoonJune Records, New York City.

“Mark Wingfield at Heron Island has mixed and mastered numerous releases for Greydisc. His mixes are of the highest quality; always with clarity and balance. His mastering is superb; I have never been disappointed.” Kevin Kastning CEO, Greydisc Records, USA.

What the press is saying:

“Mixing and mastering of the gods” Late For The Sky - One of Europe’s most respected vinyl review sites

"Shines with remarkable depth and tonal quality... immediately apparent in the mix is how natural sounding every part is, with plenty of space surrounding each element." Mediaversal - The USA’s preeminent Hi-Res reviews site

Musician's on albums I've mixed or mastered include: Allan Holdsworth, Tony Levin, Gary Husband, Nguyen Lee, Iain Ballamy, Gilad Atzmon, Chad Wackerman, Asaf Sirkis, John Marshall, Jimmy Haslip, Carles Benavent, Bob Mintzer, Theo Travis and many more.

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