Full Service Mix & Master for $350

In Mixing By Matt Dougherty

Full Service Mix & Master for $350

I am a mixing engineer and producer based in Chicago. I work mostly in the box in Pro Tools, with a few outboard analog pieces I also run things through. Using UA Apollo x16 for conversion and UAD plugins, ADAM A7x's for monitoring, Warm EQP-WA tube EQ's usually on the mix buss. Have most any plugins you can think of, regularly using all the fabfilter, Soundtoys, Softube, Slate, brainworx, Waves, Valhalla, etc...

I have worked with many successful and influential artists and producers in a variety of capacities, including Disturbed, Megadeth, Staind, Red Sun Rising, Against The Current, Alien Ant Farm, Pop Evil, Sevendust, St. Asonia, etc...

This service is designed to accommodate sessions with any number of tracks. I can accept Pro Tools sessions or consolidated WAV files. I always like to get client input after a quick first pass, and then refine from there. I usually get there in 2-3 passes, but allow for 5. Every mix reference I send out includes my mastering on it as well, which is included in costs. You can always hire a separate mastering engineer, but my master is usually quite competitive. Once the mix is signed off I can provide a final 24 bit print, along with an instrumental and acca if needed. If the session has gone smoothly and come together in a relatively efficient manner I can also provide a reasonable amount of stems, but that is at my discretion.

Please note - this service DOES NOT include any vocal editing or tuning, and quantization, additional production, or arrangement editing.

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Katie Sky - Evolution

Indie Pop
  • Katie Sky - Evolution
  • Olivia Grace - Shoestrings
  • Axel St. Patience - Kill Me
  • Taylor - Way With Words
  • Sainte - White Lies
  • Enormodome - Want You
  • Sune Olsen - Perfect Love
  • Trunks - Nimbus
  • Truth Turner - No Chaser
  • TONYB. - Reckless
  • Jxhhny Blest - Celebration

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