Professional Drum / Drums Editing for $35

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Professional Drum / Drums Editing for $35

Protools editing using Beat Detective and manual editing. I don't use elastic time just because I think manual editing gets better results.

If you need your drums edited to perfectly match your BPM and other instruments while maintaining the original musicality and character of the drummer, THIS IS THE SERVICE YOU NEED.

Simply send me all your drum tracks (one take of the song) bounced from the same bar ( in the format they were recorded ) including bpm information. If you have a reference track, it would help to maintain the musicality and structure of the song.
After I finish editing, I'll send you an mp3 with a mix of the edited drums, and you have 2 reviews for any suggestions. After everything is ok, I will send you the tracks or, if you prefer, the protools session, via Wetransfer, Mega or Google Drive.

I have 18 years of experience editing drums.

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