Mixing you song for $35

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Mixing you song for $35

I am a certified audio engineer and producer as well as a musician. After having played in bands over more than 25 years, I have studied music production and audio engineering for 3 years at HOFA College in Germany which I finished in early 2021.
I am currently distributing a concept album, on which I have arranged songs in various styles in the context of a cyber space short story. For this album, I am frequently working with artists on airgigs since I can not play all instruments by myself. Also singing is not my favorite discipline. After several services as a buyer, I thought, I could also offer my skills in mixing, mastering, arranging and recording guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. I can mix and master your songs.

Burning Chrome

an old school rock song
  • Burning Chrome
  • the corpse bride
  • bodyless
  • open mind
  • the black gold war
  • Rikki Wildside

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