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More than 10 years of experience in both studio and live sound environments makes us believe that we can understand our client´s needs very well. We specify mostly within rock, poprock and metal genres. We take into account the analog approaches yet we blend it with modern fresh sound. With a bit of delicate analog gear we´ll give some attitude to your songs!

Please reach out to us prior to purchase! This way we can talk about the best solutions for your songs/albums/projects.

-minor tempo and pitch edits
-one standard CD master
For additional masters please order our separate mastering gig.

Fictive Marry - Krídla (2022)

Modern metal song by Slovak band Fictive Marry. Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by us.
  • Fictive Marry - Krídla (2022)
  • Cassiopeia - Scrub (2021)
  • august - Turns (2023)
  • Martina Bačová - Slovíčka (2023)
  • Breaking The Tarot - Sands Of Time (2023)

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