Mixing Services for $200

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Mixing Services for $200

I will mix your track (up to 32 channels) and provide you with a quality final mix, ready for mastering. You get 3 revisions with this package.

I work with Neumann monitors and an RME audio interface, in a treated room, and mix with software (Soundtoys, Eventide, Waves, etc).

While I often work on electronic music, I enjoy working on electric/acoustic music too, and have done several radio spots, mixed tracks for bands and won an award for best documentary score in Greece.

For up to 32 channels, 200$
For up to 64 channels, 300$.
For more than 64 channels, ask for a custom quote.
The standard mixdown quality is 24 bit 44.1 kHz. Higher quality can be provided by request for an additional fee of 20$.
For extra revisions, price is $20.
If you need editing too, contact me for a custom quote.

  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Hip Hop

Annella - Bass Me Baby (Khum Quat's Back to the Future remix)

  • Annella - Bass Me Baby (Khum Quat's Back to the Future remix)
  • Konokko - Someone Else (Khum Quat remix)
  • John Dylan - If I Want You To (Khum Quat remix)
  • Late Guest at the Party - Reload (Khum Quat remix)
  • Linney - That Night (Khum Quat remix)
  • Mask Anatomica - Rising (remix)
  • Spencer Kennedy - Feel Me (Khum Quat remix)

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