I will mix your song for $49

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I will mix your song for $49

Hi! My name is Federico Tarquini, I´m a professional musician and producer from Argentina.
I will work on the mix of your song in the box.
You need to know:
-8 tracks (guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals)
-1 revision
-I can edit the audio files if is needed (adjut to grid, clean up noises, etc)
-4 minutes song allow

I will work at my home studio with my daw/daw controller to have the best result I can approach to your song.
Daw: Reaper / Cubase / Ableton live
Vst: Arturia, Native instruments, Izotope

Song by Barryfindlater

Mixed by me at my studio
  • Song by Barryfindlater

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