Audio Restoration, Audio Repair, Audio Editing for $50

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Audio Restoration, Audio Repair, Audio Editing for $50

*Please contact me before placing the order*

Audio File does not sound as you expect ?

Music, interviews, podcasts, voice-overs, speeches, audio for video need to sound great and be intelligible.

Note that the quality of the output depends on the issues the file has, so before ordering you can contact me and send me the file for a free sample of what can be done.

Examples of improvements you can get on your audio file:
- Reducing background noise;
- Reduce hum, hiss and crackle;
- De-clicking of the sounds you want to preserve;
- Reduce reverb - as sometimes this impacts intelligibility;
- Add 'smart' dynamic EQ that improves tonal balance;
- Converting to another audio file format or type;
- Re-sample, change bit-depth, dither;
- Mono to dual mono or stereo down mix to mono;
- For specific issues we can discuss before the order is placed.
- Up to 60 minutes in length

What you will receive ?
- Your file with the chosen format and the requested improvements.

Why Me ?
- Objective, results oriented, yet affable
- Over 20 years of experience in audio engineering, knowledgeable on tools and techniques to make audio sound great
- 20+ jobs completed as a freelancer, mostly on AirGigs
- Working with short feedback loops, giving you control over the quality of the final delivery
- Discrete and reliable - for more reviews go to

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