I will produce, record, mix and master your pop song for $200

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Federico Tarquini

I will produce, record, mix and master your pop song for $200

Process: Starts with your song (even if you only have a draft version of it) . If you have an idea of what do you want, I´m going to keep closely to that. If not, I´m going to study the best form that suits better to your song. Obviously, I´m will send to you a preview audio file first! (Once finished they are 2 revisions available). I really want to satisfy you expectations!
I can programme keyboards and drums, record different type of guitars (nylons, steel, electric) and bass guitar. I can use different kinds of loops, electronic loops or acoustic ones (created by me). I usually use sampling techinque as well.
Once he have the full song and you are satisfy with the production/recording state, we can move to the mix/master "in the box" stage (using my computer and software plugins as well as my headphones/studio monitors).
Gear: Reaper, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, M-Audio, RodeNT1A, Audio Technica, Fender Stratocaster, Art&Lutherie, Yamaha.

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  • EDM

My baby does me

Queen's song produced, mixed and mastered in my studio with my friend/producer Mauro Romero.
  • My baby does me

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