Professional Mastering for $75

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Gabe Angelo

Professional Mastering for $75

Hi, I'm Gabe Angelo!

I am a mixing and mastering engineer with 7 years of experience working with pop, indie and EDM artists. I work at my own studio and for various universities in Florida.

Sam Short, Corey Harper, Ocie Elliot, here are only a few of the many talented artists I've worked with.

I mix and master with both digital and analog gear like a Neve Genesys board with other analog compressors and EQs.

Listen to some of my previous work below!

Message me if you have any questions and let's talk!

Naked - Sam Short

Mixed and mastered
  • Naked - Sam Short
  • Blind - Corey Harper
  • Thinking About You - Ocie Elliot

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