Stream/Broadcast/Film-Ready Mastering for $55

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Chris The Southern Transplant

Stream/Broadcast/Film-Ready Mastering for $55

You've finally gotten to this point. The songs are written, the parts are played, you've sang every line and put in 1,000 hours getting the mix just right. Allow me to put some polish on it and make it ready for anything.

What you send me:

Your full-resolution Mix file in .WAV format.*

What you get:

One 48kHz/24bit .WAV Master ready for publishing and broadcast
One 44.1kHz/16bit .WAV Master ready for streaming (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)
One full-resolution Master file in .WAV format (if different than above)
One 320kbps .MP3 reference Master

I am happy to offer a Quantity Discount for your entire project.**

*limited to 10 minutes of similar material
**quantity discounts at 3 or more source files

  • Americana
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • Singer-Songwriter

BEFORE (Pre-Master)

Believe it or not, this one is actually louder but it's muffled, very narrow, and the vocals are buried. This would actually clip if sent to streaming/broadcast and not turned down.
  • BEFORE (Pre-Master)
  • AFTER (Mastered)
  • "Potter's Ground" 2020 film soundtrack

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