Professional Analog Mastering for $89

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Professional Analog Mastering for $89

I am professional working mastering engineer. Working with a number of artists, labels and genres. I have mastered Pop, Hip-hop, R&B,Folk,Indie ,Trance, House,Rock & Orchestral Music. My workflow is pure analog with high end gear.
Some of the gear I use day to day is the Api 2500, Api 5500, Manley Massive passive, Tegeler Creme, Dangerous Bax and as well high end conversion with the Lynx Hilo

From many years of experience and working on so many different genres I’m able to deliver superior results over most engineers. I have developed specialized techniques over the years that really make my work stand out and so will your music.

My business is modelled to be affordable to everyone but with the highest quality product possible. just because I'm cheaper then most top level Mastering Engineers doesn't mean the output is any different.

revisions, I usually don’t charge for unless its a completely new mix. most times after the first revision (if at all )the master is signed off by the client.

You get a free sample so not much to lose.

  • Americana
  • EDM
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Pop
  • Country

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