Percussionist for $85

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Felipe Mercandelli

Percussionist for $85

Percussion recording. If you have a Briefing, great! But if not, I can develop for you. I use an iMac with protools 11 and an Apogee duet.

Available microphones:
-neumann tlm 103
-sennheiser md421
-Shure sm57
-Shure sm58
-AKG D112
-Audix drum kit with 5 microphones (i5,2x d2, d4, d6)
-2 AKG perception 170

Available instruments:
-Trio de Congas Raul / Bauer
-Leather Pandeiro
-Mini Timbales
-Hand Repique
-Agogo (wood or Steal)
-repique de anel

Escolas de Samba Instruments:
-Surdo 1
-Surdo 2
-Surdo 3
-Agogo (steal)

These are the best known among those I have. But besides these I have other hand instruments and sound effects.

  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • R&B
  • World
  • Funk

Carnaval Brasil

Sound Track for tv shows: composers (Piero Grandi and Felipe Mercandelli) Different Percussions instruments mentioned above.
  • Carnaval Brasil
  • Bola Roubada

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