Ethnic flutes for $95

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Ethnic flutes for $95

I play Indian BANSURI (my main flute), Irish TINWHISTLE (non-traditional style), Macedonian/Turkish KAVAL and the recently resurrected ANASAZI FLUTE with which I've done some pioneering work by recording a whole album called "Primal Euphonies" with only this flute. It is the first album recorded with a replica of this flute using the original inter-dental and oblique playing styles. I also play the "neo" version of this flute that has a Shakuhachi-style blowing notch and sounds somewhat like a Shakuhachi. As a spice I can also record PANPIPES.
Most of the flutes I play are made by myself in my workshop for my desired specifications.

Since these are ethnic flutes, their scales are not chromatic.
The flutes I play come in the following scales:

BANSURI: C major / F major, D major / G major and with this come all the modes within a major scale.
KAVAL: B major with almost chromatic possibilities, mostly played from root C#, excellent for Phrygian and Hijaz.
ANASAZI: B flat major pentatonic, C minor pentatonic. Can play also Hijaz scale.
Neo ANASAZI: A major pentatonic, B minor pentatonic. Can play also Hijaz scale.
PANPIPES: G major, D minor pentatonic.

I record my flutes with a high-end microphone preamplifier JLM Audio Baby Animal, through Urei 1176 only for coloration (no compression) into Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface.
The microphone choice varies according to the needs of the song. For a breathier, more dissipated sound I use condenser mics (Oktava MK-101 and MK-012) and for a more focused sound I use Tbone MB75 Beta.

See my Youtube demonstration in the VIDEO section and listen to my album Primal Euphonies on Soundcloud in AUDIO section.

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