I'm a multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer from Slovenia. I have more than 20 years of musical experience. I began my musical journey as a drummer and then got into electronic music, synthesizer programming and music production. I've always been fascinated by the sound of ethnic flutes and since 2010 flutes have have been playing a major role in my life. I play Indian BANSURI, Irish TINWHISTLE (non-traditional style), Macedonian/Turkish KAVAL and the recently resurrected ANASAZI FLUTE with which I have made some pioneering work by recording a whole album with it under the artist name Radhamohan, playing it with the original inter-dental and oblique playing styles. Most of the flutes I play were made here, in my little workshop, by my very hands. But flutes are not the only instruments made here. I play my custom made CAJON DRUM KIT made to suit acoustic music with it's dry, quick, focused, punchy and at the same time gentle sound. Since I love dreamy, ambiental music, the KALIMBA is my instrument of choice for watery, spacey, yet totally acoustic soundscapes. Currently I have four kalimbas, with different character and tunings. I used kalimbas on my Alphavoyager project and on an EP of Slovenian singer Nika Solce.

I record and mix everything in my studio with the following equipment:
Adam A7 monitors
Behringer B2092 subwoofer
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface
TC Electronic BMC-2 monitor controller / DA converter
JLM Audio Baby Animal 2 channel mic preamp
Universal Audio / Urei 1176LN compressor
DAW - Reaper
Oktava MK-012 small diaphragm condenser
Oktava MK-101 large diaphragm condenser
T.bone MB75 Beta (2x)