KALIMBA for $95

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KALIMBA for $95

I offer professional kalimba recordings. I play kalimbas that have a modern sound with more sustain and harmonics in tune. Their sound is reminiscent of a Rhodes electric piano as it has a dreamy, sparkly, watery vibe.

I play kalimbas in these scales:
1. A minor pentatonic 1: A3, C4, E4, (additional F4), A4, B4, C5, E5
2. A minor pentatonic 2: A3, C4, D4, E4, G4, A4, C5
3. A major pentatonic: A3, C#4, E4 (additional F#4), A4, B4, C#5, E5
4. B minor pentatonic: B3, D4, F#4, (additional G4), B4, C5, D5, A5

Hear the examples of my kalimba playing:

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