Mandolin/Cuban Tres/Puertorican Cuatro/Other instruments for $70

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Mandolin/Cuban Tres/Puertorican Cuatro/Other instruments for $70

Add some colors (weird instruments) to your productions. You can notice this with several reviews I have. This is one of my best services because this is what makes me offer versatile sounds. I've had the chance to work with a lot of artists who have trusted in my results.
This is the list I usually record:

1. Acoustic Guitar Nylon.
2. Cuban Tres.
3. Puertorican Cuatro.
4. Ukelele.
5. Guitalele.
6. Mandolin.

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Compilation of acoustic Instruments

Mandolin, Guitalele, Cuban Tres, Puertorican Cuatro, Nylon Guitar
  • Compilation of acoustic Instruments
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