Dobro, Pedal Steel, and Guitar overdubs for $100

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Dobro, Pedal Steel, and Guitar overdubs for $100

Hey everyone, I’d love to help you with professional quality pedal steel tracks. I have gotten great results from streaming high quality audio and video for the session over zoom. It makes the process more collaborative, more efficient, and a guarantee that you will get everything you want while we get into the details of the music. For these reasons, I would recommend booking a virtual session with me. Otherwise, delivering tracks over email will work!

I work out of a professional quality studio from my home, and I am happy to say I have some of the best mics and preamps for what I do. The tracks I deliver are guaranteed to fit in your professional, industry standard mix without any extra work on your end. Here is some of the gear that I use:

Antelope Audio Discrete 4
Royer R-121
AKG C414
Unidyne III 57
Shure SM7B
Phoenix Audio DRS-2
BAE 1073
Teletronix LA2A
Antelope Audio Edge Solo

I have session rates available and day rates if you require a number of instruments over a series of tracks. Hopefully that is all clear! If you have any questions please reach out. Thanks so much - Zena

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