Pedal Steel & Lap Steel for $80

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Pedal Steel & Lap Steel for $80

I have over 12 years of experience playing and recording both pedal and lap steel. My focus has been in the rockabilly, country, and folk genres. I have recorded pedal steel for artists from the Pacific Northwest including The Dovetails, The Tired Sunday Choir, Jesse Waldman and Joe Charron. I've also recorded lap steel for The Neon Stars and The Palomars (rockabilly/western swing).

For your project, I'll provide 2 comp'd versions per song (one busier, one sparse) in the format of your choice, and will re-record 2 further revisions if requested. I'll work toward the style/arrangement you are looking for, and you can provide me with sample material that demonstrates the style.

-1978 Sho Bud pedal steel guitar
-1954 Fender Stringmaster triple neck
-1936 Gibson EH-150 6-string lap steel
-Fender Twin - Tonemaster
-Vox AD50VT
Recording Gear:
-Cubase 10
-Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL interface
-Mics (Shure Beta 52A, SM57, SM58)

  • Country
  • Folk

Song: Forgiveness - The Dovetails

Folky singer-songwriter with pedal steel
  • Song: Forgiveness - The Dovetails
  • Song: Sand (Hawaiian instrumental)
  • Song: Lonesome City - Jesse Waldman
  • Song: This Place Called Home - Joe Charron

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