Session harmonica player for $100

In Folk Instruments In Harmonica 100% Guarantee By Martín Poblete

Session harmonica player for $100

I've worked as a studio and stage musician, working with a bunch of music genre from indigenous folk to heavy metal. Some of my past work includes TV spots, pop albums, folk concerts, and I'm currently begining to work on film music composing.

I'm well equipped with vintage and modern equipment. I have some clean dynamic microphones for country, jazz and folk, and a vintage Shure Green Bullet that I like to plug into my all-tube handmade Fender Champ 5F1 to get the old Chicago Blues tone.

My work is based on keeping a good communication between the customer and me. Once you hire me I'll send you one raw take of the harmonica track you need, so you can guide me to the sound you have on your mind. Then I'll take your feedback and I'm going to record again, until we finally get into THAT harmonica track you need. We can repeat this process up to three times: that means three raw takes and one final track.

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