Customized Full Hip/Hop Rap Song with your lyrics for $275

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Customized Full Hip/Hop Rap Song with your lyrics for $275

***Note: Please contact me before submitting/purchasing gig to confirm my availability at that time***

I am an ASCAP affiliated hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. For the aforementioned price, I will produce a beat/instrumental and also record a song consisting of two-12-bar or 16-bar verses and a 4-bar hook which you have already written. This is perfect for people who have written lyrics for situations they have been through but are not comfortable creatively putting them into song. It is important to understand that I may need to edit/alter lyrics slightly (including adding or removing a word here and there) in order to fit the cadence of the beat. I listen to various genres of music and am very versatile; so I don't sound like every other rapper from the south. I have won several MC/rap battles and contests and have worked with several top producers. I have also won several poetry contests. I take my craft very seriously. Please also see my other gigs and my ratings/reviews. I have my own studio and record on my Mac computer using my Avantone CV-12 or Mojave 201-fet condenser mic into a Universal Audio 610 preamp or Focusrite ISA ONE preamp into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface. I will send you the raw wav files (either 16-bit or 24-bit if you prefer) to give to your engineer for a professional mix. After you approve the final version, I will send untagged the dry mix of the song, the lead vocals, background vocals, overdubs, and instruments (each take will be tracked out separately as will the hook/chorus and each instrument). I will also send a semi-mixed down version of the song itself. Most of the time I will have the work completed in less than the 30 days listed, but I like to leave time for any complications that may arise. I will work with you to make sure we get the vibe you are looking for. Note: As per standard agreement, I retain actual copyright ownership of whatever material I write (if any). This also means I must be given written credit on any broadcast or distribution of the material unless an agreement is made for my work to be anonymous. I also reserve the right to decline any gig I am not comfortable with accepting so please reach out before ordering the gig.

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