Your next song, fully produced, mixed and mastered for $500

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Your next song, fully produced, mixed and mastered for $500

Hi, my name is Edu Camargo and I'm a music producer based in São Paulo, southeast of Brazil. I've been working for more than 20 years in the field of music production, which had its beginnings as a creator and music producer of jingles for radio stations in Brazil. This period lasted for 13 years until I ventured into music production for the soundtracks of telenovelas produced by brazilian tv network SBT. I've produced some well respected brazilian artists including "Vanessa Jackson", the soul vocal group "Fat Family" and brazilian drag artist Gloria Groove, and now I'm here to put my creative efforts in favor of your next song project.

Maybe you have that shelved songin a demo form and you want to release it to the world? Or you need a song that will accompany your YouTube video content or whatever projects you have in mind for any media? Trust me, I'll be glad to work with you.

My studio is called Estelar Music and is built here in my house. The majority of the instrumentation is produced using high quality virtual instruments, but of course, when you need that special character that only a bassist or guitarrist can fit, those can be hired as well in case you need it.

REAPER is the production software, and plug-ins include a variety of stuff here from Spectrasonics, Steinberg, Native Instruments and Waves as well as many REAPER's stock plug-ins that already produce great results. Audio interface is Roland's Octa-Capture (AKA UA-1010).

If your song needs vocals, I can provide you with mine as well as hire other singers to do the job for you based on what your project needs. The mic used here is the Rode NT2a Multi patern Condenser Microphone.

And of course, all the energy and talent that was put into your project can be mixed and mastered. The mixes can include backing tracks, instrumentals and a cappellas. If the project in which you want to work with me is only instrumental, especially if it's for your digital content, as needed, reduced versions of instrumentation can also be included, as well as cutdown versions that will serve a specific length.

The audio demo I present here is from material designed to the Brazilian market, but they can give you an idea of the things I can do for you. The first one on the demo is me singing ❤ it's a song from my debut album.

Thanks for stopping by, and I see you on your next project.

Estelar Music Song Production Portfolio

Here is a demo of songs that Estelar Music has produced. In this order: Brazilian acts Edu Camargo and Gloria Groove, some songs produced for the soundtrack of
  • Estelar Music Song Production Portfolio

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