Full song production for $500

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Full song production for $500

I offer multiple services, including full song production (you send me the song I idea, I record all the tracks, mix, and master the song for you). I also offer instrument and vocal sessions as well, plus stand alone mixing, mastering, or a discount package for both. Please see services on my profile. The following info is for full song production.

I will provide a completely recorded, mixed and mastered track from your original ideas. I am able to produce the following :

Drum tracks
Bass Guitar
Acoustic or electric guitars (rhythm and lead)
Main vocals, harmony vocals,
Piano / keys / strings

I also have the ability to make beats, but I'm looking to concentrate more in the rock / hard rock / pop / Christian genres, as I have specialized in those types of music for years.

I would need you to submit lyrics and a general song idea, preferably with a chord progression and structure in mind.

You maintain all the rights to your music as expected. I would like basic credit for the performances and my studio work (just mention where you recorded it or had it done at, that's it. Word of mouth is huge in this industry).

Below is my latest solo release for your reference (Inside of Me), along with a full recording project (Kitchen Teeth - Death Of 1,000 Cuts), and a recently mixed full production for a songwriter from Australia, who sent me lyrics, a chord progression, and I crafted the song from there.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Christian
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop

Death Of 1,000 Cuts

Song from the band
  • Death Of 1,000 Cuts
  • Don't You Know Who I Am?
  • Inside Of Me

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