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Hi! I'm Martin. I’m a music producer, singer, songwriter and I specialize in Rock music.
The production of rock songs with REAL instruments and a true ANALOG sound in this style is a passion of mine. I use great instruments, great mics, and lots of analog gear, but what really matters most is a lot of dedication and love for the genre.
The Standard and Premium packages are ready for Spotify and all the other streaming services. Also, you’ll own 100% of the rights.
If you also need vocals, you can go for the premium package and I’ll sing on your song, including a full vocal production. If you need female vocals or any other special need, let me know. I work with a team of super talented musicians and I will probably have a solution.
I strive to make sure you are 100% happy with your song, so I offer unlimited revisions before the project is completed.
Let's talk! Send me a message and let’s start talking about your new project.

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