Song Production & Mix - Indie/Rock/Singer-Songwriter for $499

In Song Production By Spencer H

Song Production & Mix - Indie/Rock/Singer-Songwriter for $499

I will produce, mix, and master your track from the ground up. I'm a producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of experience producing and writing music with the likes of Krystof, Garth., The Rooks, Yaron Fuchs, Steve Wolf, Bobby Sparks, Yossi Fine, Rhythm & Row, Marcus Machado, Raycee Jones, R.Q.Tek, Schadrack Pierre, and many more.

I can produce an Indie, Rock, or Singer-Songwriter track from start to finish within five days with up to three revisions upon request. When it comes to working with artists on Indie music or working with singer-songwriters, I always try to put the emotion of the song front and center, and capture it through the production. I try to bring something unique to every song I produce, whether that's an instrumental hook, a nice backing vocal, or a texture that you can't quite place, and haven't heard before.

I can program drums, play guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, synths, play saxophone, sing background vocals, and do pretty much anything else you need to complete your track and bring it across the finish line. Check out my audio samples below for some examples of my work!

This service includes mixing and mastering.

I have a professional production and mixing studio with an Apollo twin interface, UAD plugins, Pro Tools and Logic rigs, a Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone (can emulate any microphone out there), and instruments for days (full list below).

Instrument list:
Tenor, Alto, and Soprano Saxophone
Fender Telecaster guitar
Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass guitar
Fender P-Bass
Crafter Acoustic Guitar
Nord Electro 5
Hardman Spinette Piano

Maschine Mk3 (with controller)
Spectrasonics: Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trillian
Arturia V6 Collection
Kontakt - Session Strings, Drum Lab
Superior Drummer
Izotope Vocalsynth 2
SubBoomBass 3
M-Tron Pro

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Choose Your Love

Ambient singer-songwriter track
  • Choose Your Love
  • Mistakes
  • Straight To Fool

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