Pop/Indie/Hip Hop/Worship Producer for $80

In Song Production By Jonah Park

Pop/Indie/Hip Hop/Worship Producer for $80

Using a mixture of both analog and digital equipment, I will work with you to help fully realize your vision for your next song. Whether you have an acoustic idea or just need a beat to rap on top of, I've worked with a wide variety of pop artists, worship leaders, and rappers to accomplish exactly what they have in mind. Before we start any work, I'll sit down with you via Zoom to discuss in detail what you're looking for as well as demo some different ideas on the spot to get a good feel for what you like and dislike. Then after I've taken notes and assessed what you currently have, what you need, and what your goal is for this song, I'll flesh out the production ideas we discussed and created in our initial Zoom call. You are allowed 3 free PRODUCTION revisions (I do not mix or master and any issues in that category will have to be handled by an audio engineer). If by the end of those 3 revisions you are satisfied, I will send the project file and all the stem tracks directly to you via email. If you are NOT satisfied by the end of those 3 revisions, I will kindly ask that you book another "Song Production" session with me and after that, I'll happily continue my work with you. My number one goal is to make sure you walk away with a song that you are proud of and that you receive it within a reasonable time. I can't guarantee a set time frame, but after assessing your song and the work that needs to be done to it with you, I will give as accurate of a time frame as I possibly can before I begin my work. Super excited that you've come across my page and I hope we get to work together!

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Dancing on the Waves

One of the songs I'm working on for my next project
  • Dancing on the Waves
  • Caprisun

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