Full Production With Your Vocals for $550

In Song Production By MY HOME STUDIO

Full Production With Your Vocals for $550

Hi, my name is Laback. I have the experience to deliver quality radio-ready and streaming recordings of your songs that will get you noticed!

Styles include Pop, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall

I do the Instrumental, Beat especially for you. Just need you send me your vocals to finish the track by mixing ans mastering it.

Steps :
1/ Send me Reference and your vocals
2/ Making Instrumental until you validate it
3/ Mixing and mastering
4/ I send you your finished Track (Wav and Stems)

Best, Laback

Willy Denzey - Embellish

I do Beat and Mix
  • Willy Denzey - Embellish
  • Thomas Landers - Green Light

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