Rrealistic sounding orchestra mockup of your music for $100

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Rrealistic sounding orchestra mockup of your music for $100

What service do I offer?

I will do a realistic-sounding mockup of your orchestral piece. You just need to provide a score and I will give my best to let it sound like a real orchestra with high-quality sample libraries. The price is per minute. If you need more than one minute contact me in advance and I'll send you an offer based on your music.

For an additional fee, I can help you to arrange and/or orchestrate your music.

What is the delivery format?

The mixing and mastering of the music are included in every package. I normally deliver in the lossless format ".wav" but of course, I can add an mp3 or any other format you like to have for free.

What sample libraries and software do I use?

Cinematic Studio Series, Aaron Venture Infinite Woodwinds and Brass, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate Collector's Edition, VSL Synchron-ized Special Edition, East Composer Cloud, ProjectSAM Symphobia 2

Cubase Pro 12

About me:

I contributed sound and music to many short films and a full-length feature film. With 9 years of experience in composing I have a broad knowledge of music theory, orchestration, and sample libraries.

  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop

John Williams - Leaving Hogwarts

A mockup from the score of Harry Potter
  • John Williams - Leaving Hogwarts
  • Felix Hirte - Glorious Parade
  • David Arnold - Independence Day End Credits
  • Peter and the Wolf (Excerpt)

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