I will compose music for your film for $250

In Arrangements By Felix Hirte

I will compose music for your film for $250

What service do I offer?

I will compose the music for your film, trailer, or audiobook. The price is per minute. If you need more than one minute contact me in advance and I'll send you an offer based on your needs.

What genres do I write?

I can compose a wide range of genres including orchestral music with sample libraries but also from Rock and Metal to Jazz, from band music to electronic music, from ambient to experimental stuff.

What is the delivery format?

The mixing and mastering of the music are included in every package. I normally deliver in the lossless format ".wav" but of course, I can add an mp3 or any other format you like to have for free.

Can you use the music commercially?

The music will be exclusively for your project. I won't use or sell it for something else. All I ask for is to mention my name in the credits.

About me:

I contributed sound and music to many short films and a full-length feature film. With 8 years of experience in composing I have a broad knowledge of music theory, orchestration, and sample libraries.

  • Classical
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Rock
  • Jazz

Mysterious, Heroic, Christmas

Main Theme for a Short Film
  • Mysterious, Heroic, Christmas
  • Curious, Playful, Courage
  • Atmospheric, Horror, Suspense
  • Heroic, March-like, Grand
  • Ambient, Soft, Atmospheric
  • Secret Agent, Amusing, Swing

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