I Will Make A Backing Track For Your Song with Live instruments for $500

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I Will Make A Backing Track For Your Song with Live instruments for $500

Hi there! I am Meir, nice to meet you :-)
Are you looking for a backing track that is %100 unique?
Maybe you would like to have a custom karaoke cover with your original arrangement?

That's why I am here for,
Let me bring your music to life!

I will create an ORIGINAL backing track for you!
The backing track will be a combination of high-quality midi samples and professional live instruments ( Rhythm & lead guitars, keys percussion and more)
That way you will get a perfect musical platform the is totally unique, one of a kind Backing Track.

you will get HQ Wav files, separate tracks and also Mastered and mixed version in MP3.

Just send me your instructions with a link if it's a cover, or your recording in case it's an original song.

Just put that in mind when ordering:
- I will make a new and original track of the song you need.
- I can change the genre of the song as a new original track
- I can add other instruments to your new track different from the original song

I will work with you until we have an A+++ quality track. I do this for the passion I have for music.

To LISTEN to more work I have done recently, check out my SoundCloud page

Happy Music Making!

Words We Never Say

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