Dutch Voice Over for $20

In Voiceovers 100% Guarantee By Jelle Roosen

Dutch Voice Over for $20

Looking for a Dutch voice over? I'm definitely your guy. I have hundreds of clients from all over the world.

- My favorite voice actor!
- Superb again!
- Very good and fast delivery.
- Great work, fast delivery. We are happy again!
- Once again delivered an excellent job! The quality and service are superb.
- and the list goes on...

I'm 27 years old and have a young and enthusiastic voice.


I'm recording in apple's Logic with a AKG 214 microphone using a Saffire Liquid Pro amp.

My voice overs include:
- de-breathing
- compression
- noice removing
- a great voice

My gig will only cost you $20,- per 100 words!

I'm always very happy to help you to get the best result! I'd love to start working with you =)

Please contact me and let's start working!

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