Voice Over 250 words for $60

In Voiceovers By Dale Elliott

Voice Over 250 words for $60

Home Studio- safe and sound insulation, foam treatment and bass traps
mic- Rode NT1-A
software- Adobe Audition
hardware- MacBook laptop
Hi, my name is Dale and I'm a professional voice over talent.
I'd love to be the Casual and Friendly Voice Over you're looking for!
My voice is featured on 16 different YouTube channels.
Also, I've voiced 8 audiobooks for Audible.

From my home studio, I provide quality audio Voice Over and am highly reliable.
I aim to put my ability to projects that make a difference and will stand the test of time.
Additionally, I strive to make businesses shine by using my Voice Over skills to tell your message.
With a recording studio at home, I can get the job done with a quick turnaround, keeping clients happy.
When work is given to me, I get the job done by delivering Quality!

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24 Trailer
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  • Commercial DEMO
  • Texas Partners Bank
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