Female Voice Overs in English and Swahili for $80

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Female Voice Overs in English and Swahili for $80

I will record any kind of voice-over for you in English and Swahili. I use Behringer C3 condenser mic. My room is acoustically treated. I use the Zoom H8 sound card and record with Cubase. I can give you the files in a wave, mp3 at any sample rate, and bitrate to suit your preference. I deliver on time. I also can advise in case the script has translation issues to be fixed.

I normally clean the audio by removing the clicks, cracks, and breath sounds. I also mix the audio with EQ, dressing, and compression and limiting it at -6dB or -3dB depending on the need of the client.

I will be glad to partner with you in the next voice-over you will need.

  • Ambient

English female voice over

clean audio, no breath sounds and clicks
  • English female voice over
  • Swahili female Voice over

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