Band Chord Charts for your songs for $30

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Band Chord Charts for your songs for $30

Chord Charts Transcriptions.

Give your bandmembers and session artists a great score for rehearsal and recording.

Chord charts are meant to be a good guide for rhythm section musicians (piano, bass, guitar and drums) in order to have a well defined structure, global main details and special instructions of the song. Think about something like The Real Book type of scores.

What includes this kind of transcription?
- Chord symbols and general and relevant musical notation (tempo marks, style, time and key signature, etc.).
- Structure and rehearsal marks (Section letters, repeats, etc.).
- Main breaks and riffs (notes or rhythm notation).
- General dynamics instructions.
- Main texts (title, author, arranger, etc.).
- Special bar text notes (instrument or instruments descriptions).

I'm using Finale and/or Musescore notation software. I can provide you .MUS file besides a PDF document.

-The song must be no longer than 5 minutes.
-It does not include full melody, lyrics or solo transcription, only the global guide.
-If you need lead sheet, score for multiple or specific instruments, please check my other transcription services.

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