Enlgish / Spanish Translations of your Song for $33

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Enlgish / Spanish Translations of your Song for $33

Translating a song is a quite complex task!

Understanding the song from within is of essence, so the first thing I'll do is to really get the metaphors and general meaning of the song in its own cultural background.

Then, I will learn to sing the song thoroughly, in order to respect the metrics and accentuation when translating.

Afterwards comes the actual translation of the song, respecting the meaning of the song although not necessarily literally, since I will be prioritizing to respect the rythmics, accentuation, rhyme and articulations fully.

Many common phrases in english lyrics aren't what someone would say in spanish, so I will also consider that the translation works culturally to whom it's intended!

I will deliver the translation, and also a literal translation of the translation so that you know with precision what the new lyrics say exactly!

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