I will make a guitar arrangment of your song for $50

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I will make a guitar arrangment of your song for $50

Do you want to play your favourite songs on guitar and play both melody and chord?
Are you interested in having your piano pieces beautifully arranged for the guitar?
Look no further! Contact me, and I will create a customized guitar arrangement that will make it easy for you to play!
In addition, I offer video tutorials where I guide you through the guitar part step-by-step.

Hallo I'm Pierpaolo, a professional guitar player with more than 12 years of playing experience and I collaborate with some of the most important and reknowing living composers.

Custom Guitar Arrangements: I can skillfully arrange any song for classical or fingerstyle guitar, allowing you to enjoy playing your favorite tunes in a new way.

Professional TAB Transcription: If you have a guitar score that needs to be accurately transcribed into a professional TAB layout, I can handle it with precision and attention to detail.

Detailed and Accurate TABs: I provide meticulously crafted TABs that capture every nuance of the guitar part, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly learning experience.

Video Tutorials: Enhance your learning journey with my video tutorials, where I walk you through the guitar part, providing clear demonstrations and explanations.

I am excited to collaborate with you and help you bring your favorite songs to life on the guitar. Get in touch with me today to get started!

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