Orchestrations, Arrangements & mockups for any music style for $750

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Orchestrations, Arrangements & mockups for any music style for $750

Hey all,

I'm Oren Sela, a film composer, orchestrator, arranger and conductor, working mainly with Disney.
I've scored hundreds of motion pictures, short movies, theater plays, musicals and commercials, and I'm fully versed in all musical styles - from classical to the "Golden Age Hollywood" style, through modern/hybrid film music, Broadway, Jazz, Pop, EDM and aleatoric music.

For the last 5 years I'v been collaborating primarily with Disney, composing and arranging for their feature films, product branding, theme park rides, parades and castle spectaculars.
A big part of my work is creating realistic mockups, which are indistinguishable from a real orchestra. At Disney, I have created hundreds of mockups in every conceivable type of ensemble, including Oriental and Ethnic styles.

I'm here to offer you these same services.
- An arrangement for your piece or song (in the style of your choosing), tailored specifically to your needs and wishes, coupled with a professional mockup. [up to 4 minutes of music. Prices will vary for music exceeding that]
- A professional mockup of your OWN arrangement, whether it's from a score you've written or a piano sketch you've done. What ever level you're on, I'll make sure your initial intent gets translated clearly to the final product. [up to 4 minutes of music. Prices will vary for music exceeding that]

For the price of 750$ you'll get any of the services above, with FULL ACCESS to me (via Zoom, chat or phone) for anything you need.

I work with state of the art equipment:
The best libraries available (tweaked to perfection), and a breath controller which allows me to bring life into each instrument.
There are no shortcuts! each instrument gets a track of it's own, no "ensemble" patches which bloat the sound and trick the ear.
I work extremely fast, and I don't settle for quality.

As my client, you are eligible for a 10% discount on my "Written Orchestrations - Orchestral Or Any Other Genre" service, so when you get your final mockup you ALSO get a professionally engraved score (and parts), ready for the performance!

Please, don't hesitate to reach out to me for any questions you might have.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Mockup Reel - Oren Sela

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