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You'll get the sound your project needs! I will either write to picture or, if there's no footage yet, I will write cues based on your notes, ideas etc.

My standard rate for 1 minute of music is $400. But it also depends on the length and extent of wanted music and whether you want or the film calls for a big, epic orchestral score/Mockup or for a smaller, delicate one with a few acoustic instruments or minimal sound design. As a reference point: I can write approximately 1,5 - 2 minutes of music each day. If you need 60 minutes of music for example, it would take me about 4 weeks to finish the whole score (assuming I work 7 days a week). My average fee for 1 minute of music is $400. For 60 minutes of music however, this would be quite a large amount of money. So I'm always willing to adjust that price depending on the scope of your project. That is why one of my first questions to you is usually `What is your budget?' Please just ask me and we'll figure something out!

My process:
I always want to know as much as possible about your vision, your ideas, the characters in your film or audio drama and the musical direction you have in mind. We can talk here via messenger or, if you're interested, also via video call. Depending on your work process you will then either send me your raw or picture locked film/scenes as a MOV, MP4 and I will come up with musical ideas writing to picture. Or if the film is still in production or hasn't been shot at all yet, I will write some cues based on our conversation and ideas. I will send you my demos for feedback. We bounce ideas off of each other, discuss alternatives, talk in depth about certain characters in the movie etc. When all cues get approved by you, I will fully mix and master them and send you :
1. the whole score as a WAV-file,24bit,48kHz 2. all cues individually as separate WAV-files 3. if desired, as individual STEMS.

My Equipment:
Logic Pro X, Tannoy Reveal 802 Studio Monitors, Epiphone Les Paul, Gibson SG, Steven Slate VSX. Plug Ins: Waves Gold, SSL, UAD, Slate Digital All Access
Virtual Instruments: Kontakt 7, NI Komplete 14, EW Symphonic Orchestra, Spitfire: Hans Zimmer Percussion, Studio Strings,Intimate Strings, Abbey Road Two Strings, British Drama Toolkit, Soft Piano,Cinematic Grand...

  • Choral
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • Classical

SYKiN Audio Reel

Snippets of some musical genres I can cover.
  • SYKiN Audio Reel
  • Gefüge
  • When All Hope Is Gone
  • My Name Is Johnsson
  • Hidden Heart
  • Chapters
  • The Letter

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