Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Mandolin, Dobro, and Lap Steel Arrangements.. ANY or ALL for $150

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Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Mandolin, Dobro, and Lap Steel Arrangements.. ANY or ALL for $150

I am a session/touring multi -instrumentalist with 17 years of pro experience. I love the recording process and look forward to working on your project! Here is some basic info..

This listing is for Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Steel guitar, Mandolin, Dobro (resonator), and Bass guitar

I will compose, arrange, record, and edit ANY or ALL for ONE price ($75). Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

*I can also do a full production track with all above instruments AND drums (program/midi with live samples) for and additional fee . Please message for details!!

All electric tracks are recorded close mic'ed to a real guitar amp (no plug in amps) with your choice of a Royer 121 ribbon mic, Warm Audio WA87 (U87), Sm57, (or any combination)

Acoustic tracks are recorded with a WA87 or a Royer 121, set back a bit for natural room ambience.

My goal is to serve the song and provide a track (or tracks) that best suits YOUR vision. There's no need to pay until you are completely satisfied.

All I need from you is your song (mp3, wave file, phone recording, anything really...), the tempo, and whatever sound or vision you have in mind.

Once I receive your track and notes I get right to work. Your song will become my first priority. You'll have some music in your hands within 24 hours ( normally within just a couple hours!)

When sending the finished product (stems), I will include 1 dry version of each track and 1 wet version of each track (with effects)

a little about me:
I am currently the music director and lead guitarist for Sam Riggs, and have extensive touring experience as the music director and lead guitarist for Chase Rice (Columbia), Brandon Ray (Sony), Chance Anderson, as well as many other artists of all genres. My studio experience ranges from Country, Rock, Praise and Worship, Gospel, Blues, Blue Grass, Soul, R&B etc. I love music with all of my heart and would be honored to be part of your unique project!

My gear consists of PRS, Fender, and Gibson electrics, Matchless, Tyler, and 3rd Power amplifiers, PRS and Martin acoustics, Fender J bass, Strymon, Fulltone, Universal Audio Apollo interface, Royer 121, Shure SM57, and WA87 mics .

I pride myself most on my work ethic, and having a CAN DO, serve the song attitude. Please reach out if you have any questions! Let's make some music together!

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All guitars, bass guitar, and lap steel performed and recorded by Brandon Autry
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37 Reviews

  1. Review By: bibimusic Jan 14, 2018

    perfect again... thanks a lot!

  2. Review By: yoghead Jan 12, 2018

    This guy is brilliant!!!!

  3. Review By: bibimusic Jan 4, 2018

    well done again - thank you

  4. Review By: kastokes Nov 21, 2017

    Brandon has been such a team player and a pleasure to have on my tracks. Very versatile and knows how to play in the "pocket", yet adds a brilliant artistic feel to any note he plays.

  5. Review By: bibimusic Nov 15, 2017

    everything is fine - Thank you...

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  6. Review By: bibimusic Nov 15, 2017

    great job again - THANKS

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  7. Review By: bibimusic Nov 10, 2017

    good work again

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  8. Review By: bibimusic Oct 23, 2017

    very good job again.....

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  9. Review By: RyanAustralia Oct 16, 2017

    perfect as always.
    very professional and very easy to work with

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  10. Review By: kastokes Oct 11, 2017

    Brandon, once again, has nailed it. Great musician, excellent attitude, and very quick delivery. All of the things required to get the job done in the music business. Thanks again!

  11. Review By: bibimusic Oct 10, 2017

    Brandon did a perfect job again

  12. Review By: RyanAustralia Sep 20, 2017

    Perfect as always. Great communication . Rad guitar work.

  13. Review By: kastokes Aug 3, 2017

    Brandon was stellar. His performances were right in the pocket and played beautifully. He's a true pro with a super quick turnaround. There's a reason why he's been chosen to play on some of the biggest stages.... hire this guy!

  14. Review By: bibimusic Jul 22, 2017

    everything is fine...

  15. Review By: ratishsekhar Jun 29, 2017

    Brandon is indeed one of the best out there. Thanks a lot for your work man

  16. Review By: bibimusic Jun 25, 2017

    perfect acoustic Martin guitar recording - thanks!

  17. Review By: solomon Jun 21, 2017

    Great Experience working with Brandon, id give him an 11

  18. Review By: Geography8 Jun 19, 2017

    Did an excellent job!! Gave me exactly what I was looking for in a very short time! Well done!

  19. Review By: vikings22 Jun 3, 2017

    Brandon is always perfect.The nicest guy you will ever meet..Flawless what more can I say.thanks again my friend.

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  20. Review By: ratishsekhar Jun 3, 2017

    The best arrangement I've had in a long time. Brandon is such a skilled artist and such a gem of a person to work with and his communication turnaround is lightning fast. Thanks Brandon.

  21. Review By: vikings22 May 26, 2017

    You can not ask for more than what Brandon does,flawless every session.A really nice honest guy to work with..thanks my friend.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  22. Review By: vikings22 May 26, 2017

    Perfect every time,he is the best.A super talented man.thanks again.

  23. Review By: ARWIN May 23, 2017

    I asked Brandon to do another track, got the response in 5 minutes, send the 8 minute track and got the turnaround in about two hours. two beautiful guitar tracks. This guy is really amazing.

  24. Review By: RyanAustralia May 23, 2017

    another amazing piece of work
    Thanks mate

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  25. Review By: ratishsekhar May 18, 2017

    Brandon does wonders - hats down. First of all he is very talented. But on top of that, he's responsive, hard-working, honest and has great musical intuition. While working with an online medium such as this, Brandon makes sure you as an artist DO NOT miss that personal touch. I recommend him highly and am extremely happy with the work he's produced. Thanks bro...

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  26. Review By: RyanAustralia May 16, 2017


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  27. Review By: ratishsekhar May 14, 2017

    Brandon is a seasoned guitarist with amazing skills and will deliver just as described. Super fast turnaround. Would highly recommend. Brandon was able to capture the tone, mood and essence I was hoping to achieve. Thank you Brandon...

  28. Review By: nizzyo May 8, 2017

    Brandon did an excellent job on my project. He managed to finish my project to my specifications the first time around without any revisions. Highly recommend.

  29. Review By: jtcloutier May 8, 2017

    Brandon was lightning quick with delivery and revisions, spot-on with the briefs and extremely courteous. Cannot recommend his services enough!

  30. Review By: RyanAustralia Apr 27, 2017


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  31. Review By: Denzel Apr 26, 2017

    Amazing gave the track a great new feeling! The service was quick! Thanks bro

  32. Review By: vikings22 Apr 22, 2017

    Brandon you are just a fantastic musician and person.Perfect on every project,I just can't say enough about this man..thank you again....

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  33. Review By: yoghead Apr 21, 2017

    Superb - I will be back

    Thanks again

  34. Review By: vikings22 Apr 21, 2017

    Brandon is the best on Airbags...hands down...perfect every time..if you want quality,perfection and pure talent..he's your guy..a really nice man by the way..thanks again my friend...

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  35. Review By: RyanAustralia Apr 20, 2017

    Very easy to work with and great playing

  36. Review By: hambone Apr 20, 2017


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  37. Review By: vikings22 Apr 18, 2017

    Brandon you are the man,perfect every time.He goes beyond your expectations and just amazes you with his talent..your the best..thanks my friend.

  38. Review By: acoovert Apr 15, 2017

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  39. Review By: kangseunghyun Apr 13, 2017

    he is very easy to work.

  40. Review By: vikings22 Apr 10, 2017

    Brandon is the man,just doesn't get any better than him.A professional all the way and a super nice person.thanks again....

  41. Review By: BrodyFriesenhahn Apr 10, 2017

    Brandon was an absolute pleasure to work with. He offered extremely quick turn around times, great communication and is just an all around positive guy to work with... not to mention a great player. He delivered some really tasteful playing for a song that sure needed it! Will surely work with him again in the future.

  42. Review By: acoovert Mar 30, 2017

    Brandon really knows what the heck he is doing and cares so much about all of the projects he gets. He will not stop until you are happy, even if you give him a mediocrely recorded vocal and ask him to make it shine. Save the page scrolling for Facebook, whatever you need done on your track, you have found the most talented and dedicated person on airgigs.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  43. Review By: ARWIN Mar 28, 2017

    If you want great communication, creativity, major skills, beautiful sounds and a turnaround almost faster then you can send your music this is the guy you want. 1000 percent satisfied.

  44. Review By: RyanAustralia Mar 28, 2017

    Repeat user.
    obviously very happy with the service.


  45. Review By: RyanAustralia Mar 25, 2017

    perfect and very quick.
    Brandon could charge a lot more for his work. will be using again.

  46. Review By: acoovert Mar 24, 2017

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  47. Review By: ARWIN Mar 24, 2017

    What an amazing guitar player. Beautiful personal input, very very fast turnaround.
    I'll be back.
    Thanx Brandon

  48. Review By: vikings22 Mar 24, 2017

    Brandon is perfect every time,no mistakes .You can not find a better guitarist or a nicer guy.thanks again

  49. Review By: RyanAustralia Mar 24, 2017

    Brandon is a good guy, got on to work straight away and perfect result. i would have asked for a revision or change of direction, but it wasn't needed.

  50. Review By: acoovert Mar 21, 2017

    Another amazing set of tracks delivered. Brandon made the handful of chords played on my acoustic guitar into a full blown rock track ready to melt faces. Thanks again man!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  51. Review By: bigblue Mar 18, 2017

    My third job in six weeks with Brandon.I think that tells you all you need to know, great musician, a great service ,look no further for your guitar needs,JJ.

  52. Review By: pmyers1 Mar 8, 2017

    Outstanding job. Thanks again for the fast turn around!

  53. Review By: bigblue Mar 8, 2017

    My second job with Brandon and the third is already planned. Not just a fantastic musician but someone who brings creativity to the table as well. I cannot praise this guy enough,JJ

  54. Review By: vikings22 Mar 6, 2017

    Perfect job again,this man is the best.You cannot find anyone more talented.thanks again.Will be sending more.

  55. Review By: Darko Mar 2, 2017

    Exactly what was needed! Great job

  56. Review By: MRPhase Feb 24, 2017

    Brandon never ceases to amaze me. He's professional, he has a quick turn around, and goes that extra mile to get the job done. You won't be disappointed!

  57. Review By: vikings22 Feb 14, 2017

    The man is just to good.He is flawless at every step.You will not find one better than him.I am amazed by your talents..thanks my friend.

  58. Review By: vikings22 Feb 13, 2017

    This man is the best,flawless at every step.You can not ask for more than he does,he's fantastic..thanks my friend.

  59. Review By: acoovert Feb 11, 2017

    Another perfect project with a one day turn around! Can't wait to work with you again!

  60. Review By: MRPhase Feb 11, 2017

    It was a pleasure working with Brandon. He's an amazing Guitarist! He works really fast. The turn around time is phenomenal! He understands what the song needs. He delivered the work within a few hours. I highly recommend Brandon! You won't be disappointed. Can't wait to work with him again.

  61. Review By: vikings22 Feb 11, 2017

    Perfect once again,your the best.thanks my friend.

  62. Review By: MartinS Feb 6, 2017

    The man works wonders. Very fast and professional and goes the extra mile for the music

  63. Review By: acoovert Jan 31, 2017

    The guitar tracks came out amazing and all in the fastest turn around time I've experienced on airgigs. Thank you so much, I'll be a repeat customer for sure!

  64. Review By: bigblue Jan 30, 2017

    A fantastic service by a fantastic player,Brandon went above and beyond to provide me with something way beyond my expectations and the next job is already planned.look no further for your guitarist,JJ

  65. Review By: pmyers1 Jan 26, 2017

    An incredible job. Great communication, fast turn around and an outstanding guitar player. It's a pleasure working on this project with you!

  66. Review By: vikings22 Jan 25, 2017

    Totally the best,amazing job could not ask for more.Brandon is the man for the job.thanks my friend.

  67. Review By: pmyers1 Jan 21, 2017

    Fantastic session! Great player, creative, and excellent communication. Looking forward to working on the rest of the record!

  68. Review By: bas10 Jan 9, 2017

    Without barely any instructions he nailed it... it's as simple as that! Pro level, no doubt! High regards from Belgium.

  69. Review By: joeworshiper Dec 31, 2016

    Awesome job Brandon!!! Brandon is an excellent musician and very professional. I was very impressed by his humility and commitment to work until he accurately captures my ideas. Not only does he have the aptitude, he's got the right attitude too. He definitely took my song to another level. If you need excellent guitar tracks for your song look no further. He's the man to talk to.