Strings Arrangement for $75

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Strings Arrangement for $75

Hi, I am Toni G, composer, arranger and producer.
I have a Bachelor of Music degree and more than 20 years of experience.

I specialize in creating strings arrangements: duetto, trio, quartet, quintet, or any combination of strings, soloists or sections.

Maybe you have a melody that you want to turn into a string arrangement to be played live, or maybe you´d like a string arrangement for your video or song. I can use your melody or compose it from scratch.

I can deliver:
Sheet music
Audio tracks (stems)
Mastered track
Midi file
Sib. file

Strings can be real (more expensive)l or virtual (cheaper).

If you want a full orchestra arrangement, check my Gig "Orchestral arranegemts"

I know that there are some sellers offering very cheap Gigs, but I prefer to invest in quality time, and not rush the creative process.

I am at your service, feel free to contact me before ordering, every work may need a different budget according to your needs.

  • Classical
  • World
  • Ambient

Spring strings

Uplifting strings
  • Spring strings
  • Clouds
  • Cat Walk

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