Orchestral Production for Multimedia for $300

In Arrangements By Josh Taylor

Orchestral Production for Multimedia for $300

Ambient, classically-inspired, cinematic, hybrid, or however you want the orchestra to sound! My film scoring experience, university-level music education, and love for contributing a creative voice to others' projects will combine to produce the satisfying orchestral sound you need. The production, mixing, and mastering will be tailored for your project's needs and digitally delivered in a timely fashion.

The list price assumes the following:
• The production will be 3-minutes in duration.
• The music may be used in 1 multimedia production in perpetuity. (You will never have to pay royalties for the music when it's used in your production!)
• You will have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and perform publicly the music in the context of your multimedia production for the lesser of the following: 2 years; or 6-months following the public release of your project. (After this time period I can license the music for use in other productions.)

For longer/shorter works or different usage rights, contact me! I want to hear all about your project. Be sure to include your Skype handle, or suggest some other means we can have a proper verbal discussion.

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