Brass arrangement for $40

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Brass arrangement for $40

I can add up to three layers of brass on your existing tracks, I have a collection of trumpets and cornets giving an array of textures, and I work closely with a couple of saxophonists. I have years of experience arranging for several music projects, and run my own recording studio and remote service from the south of France. I have studied and obtained qualifications from the Open University in Britain, Trinity Laban Conservatory in London and Gateway School of music and Recording (Kingston University - London). I have travelled the world playing in various bands and formations, and am band leader and songwriter in "Nothing Concrete" an international band with two acclaimed albums released and a third currently on the mixer.

my studio is based around Logic pro, I have a large collection of microphones, including tube mics, condensers, dynamics and ribbons from AKG, Audio Technica, Oktava, shure etc ,a number of quality mic preamps, solid state and tube, focusrite, presonus etc.

  • Blues
  • Swing
  • Folk
  • Latin
  • Soul
  • Funk

Pandora and My Hyde

brass arrangement for rock song with latin groove
  • Pandora and My Hyde
  • Provolone

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